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So far, so good. The first actual-factual full program day. Of course, it didn't help that the kindergarteners had a field trip which the teachers told me about 10 MINUTES BEFORE SCHOOL. Grr. Stupid teachers. Well, more accurately insanely-overextended-and-flighty teachers, but still, grr.

Russian tonight. Trying to decide whether or not to ask cute guy in class out. I almost worked up the nerve last week, but his bus came early so he left before I had the chance to get the words out. Any thoughts? Just realized that if it works out with cute guy from class, he'll be the first non-Reedie I've dated since Bret. And Bret was the first non-Reedie since high school. Curious thought.

Ack. Just a generic, all around ack.
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