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Mysterious Strength

Rantings of randomness

Setaú úta
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"Setau uta" means mysterious strength (or the closest thing I can figure - I'm not exactly fluent in ancient Egyptian), which has been something of a driving force in my life. Not to mention a cool journal name. Essentially, this is the pillow I need to scream into from time to time. Read, laugh at my melodrama, because believe me, I'm laughing at it, too. A caveat - unless I ask for advice, DON'T GIVE IT TO ME. I write in here to rant, and unless I'm asking for it explicitly, I don't want to be told what I should or shouldn't do.

I am a number of things. In no particular order, I am a gamer, an avid reader (who tends to read things that don't show up in Oprah's book club), a wannabe librarian, an actress, a make-up artist, a lover of cats, a flower fanatic, and a geek of many flavors: Broadway musicals, theater in general, linguistics, cross-stitch, stagecraft, children's books, ancient Egypt, and others. I am a wife. I am detail-oriented. I am a college graduate. I am unwilling to let a thing rest half-done. I listen to music that doesn't really flow with the mainstream. And dammit, I like all those things about myself.

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Stephie's...interesting. Having graduated from college, she's got a real job and she's planning to eventually become a librarian someday. She wants to be a polyglot when she grows up.
Strengths: Stephie's been known to give a damn fine hug or two on occasion, make decent chocolate chip cookies, have a steady supply of chocolate on hand, and hit three different accents and two languages in the same sentence.
Weaknesses: Stephie's a chocoholic of the worst kind. She's also been known to melt into a puddle around kittens, and be rather sarcastic upon occasion.
Special Skills: It's all about the accents, baby. That, and the bubble-blowing.
Weapons: Words, smiles, "the Look" (if you've never gotten it, you don't want to.)
Mottos: The Mortimer is mightier than the sword. Bubbles, chocolate and hugs make the world go 'round.

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