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I'm here! I'm here!

I survived 2014! I realize I probably should have said something after the surgery, but you know, better late than never. Things seem to be back to normal-ish, and the pain isn't anywhere near what it was. An unexpected bonus - the pain medication that the doctor gave me post-surgery completely kills the Headaches of Doom! Not something I can take all the time, but it means I don't have to be completely incapacitated. Huzzah!

I realize I haven't been around here much - I spend most of my online time either on Google Plus or my blog. I'm trying to figure out how to automatically post here from my blog, but I'm having issues - anybody have any ideas?

Overall, I'm just trying to get back to normal. Anxiety remains a bear, but I'm managing. I've given myself some solid goals with regards to my writing this year, which I'm hoping will give me milestones to reach and keep me on track. I got some new ink (pictures here), based on lyrics by seanan_mcguire and vixyish, and I've been incredibly happy with them (and pleased with the responses, because it's just so cool to see one of my favorite authors link to my blog and talk about my tattoos!). It's been a great thing to keep me motivated.